Animoto allows the user to present a series of photographs accompanied by music and text.  Preset animation formats make the experience smooth and simple.

In order to understand Animoto more in-depth, I made a sample video in just a few minutes.  This allowed me to experience the process, and get an idea of its capabilities.  In all fairness, I didn't put a large amount of effort into utilizing all the potential that is there, but I did enough to experience all the tools.  There are many different combinations of formats to choose from as well as adding filters.  Options for editing text font, size, and color are also available.  Adding in music is another fun tool that is available.  The video has the capacity to be personal. Once a video is completed and published it can be easily shared through social media such as Twitter or youtube.  Also, a link to the video and an embed code are available.
                        "The video has the capacity to be personal." 

Therefore when formulating an activity for a literature, grammar, or foreign language class the students are able to connect to the material on a personal level.

A video for getting started.

"...A tool for the teacher..."

As an ESL teacher, I would utilize this program as a review or reflection activity from material discussed in class.  This prompts the student to review what they found important.  
When using Animoto as a reflection activity, it becomes a tool for the teacher to assess what information has stuck with the students and what hasn´t.  Allowing the teacher to take appropriate action to facilitate language acquisition.

More than that, the website offers specific video designs that correspond with school life.  E.g. yearbook, step by step tutorials, etc.   

One thing to keep in mind. This tool has its benefits for sure, but it is not a jack of all trades so to speak.  There are limitations on how much can be edited for the video.  There are other programs out there that allow more manipulation of the animation.  

With the proper application, this tool will inspire the students to work hard and pay attention.  Enjoy!
Sample Video

What will you do with this tool?  Share your thoughts in the comments, please and thank you.

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  1. Its very easy to use this tool in class, and its very useful I think, thank you.

  2. Su uso es fácil, por lo que pienso que será una herramienta muy conveniente para que nuestros alumnos comiencen a montar pequeños vídeos, ¿quizá para inventar un producto y diseñar el anuncio?. Pocos pasos, un proceso guiado... ¡me gusta!.

    1. Sí, a mi me gusta ese idea de inventar un producto y un anuncio. Los posibilidades son limites. Gracias para la idea.

  3. Me gusta esta herramienta porque parece entretenida. Imagino varias formas de utilizarlo con los estudiantes de secundaria, pero al ver el video que insertaste y que puedes subir fotos personales pensé inmediatamente en que a los más pequeños siempre se les pide que relaten lo que han hecho al regreso de sus vacaciones. Con esta herramienta ellos podrían hacer un relato animado. No solo trabajarías como contenido la narración, sino que también puedes pedirles que lo hagan en otra lengua y trabajarás la conjugación de verbos en pasado. Al ser un relato de experiencias personales se motivarán más :)


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